Hispanics Face Greater Risk of Diabetes

According to recent statistics, Hispanics are increasingly facing foot problems as a result of diabetes. In the latest research linking Hispanics and diabetes, about 12 percent of Hispanics have diabetes, and almost two-thirds of those with diabetes have some sort of foot problem.

With diabetes can come a myriad of foot problems, ranging from ulcers to lower limb amputations. The good news is that foot and ankle specialists, like those at Ankle & Foot Care Centers, can treat these ailments before they become serious.

Dr. Christian Carbonell, a podiatric physician at Ankle & Foot Care, with 18 offices in the Mahoning Valley, presented a free bilingual seminar titled “Diabetes and Your Feet,” about diabetes and Hispanics’ increased risk to getting the disease. The presentation was at the Youngstown Orginizacion Civica y Cultural Hispana Americana, Inc. (OCCHA) facility as part of the practice’s community outreach efforts.

More than 40 attendees there learned how Hispanics are more at risk for diabetes and how it can result in foot ulcers and lower limb amputations.

In addition to explaining the symptoms and treatments for those experiencing foot problems as a result of diabetes, Dr. Carbonell recommended these dos and don’ts for preventing major foot problems.


  • Examine your feet daily
  • Keep the area between the toes dry
  • Moisturize dry skin
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Visit a podiatrist regularly


  • Don’t tear at loose skin
  • Don’t soak your feet in hot water
  • Don’t walk barefoot
  • Don’t smoke
  • Don’t use chemical callus removers

If you need further advice on how to care for your feet, the expert staff at Ankle & Foot Care Centers can help. To schedule an appointment at a location near you, call 330-758-6226.