3 Things to Do at Home for Diabetic Feet

By Dr. Jennifer Flo

If you are diabetic and you haven’t had a foot exam for a while due to stay-at-home orders, you may be worried about increased risk of infections or amputations. Here are a few things you can do to keep your feet healthy.

Use a mirror to do a foot inspection.

Unless you’re a contortionist, you can’t see every inch of your feet easily. Use a hand mirror or wall-mounted full-length mirror to look at your feet and make sure there are no sores, scratches or other injuries on a regular basis.

Wear shoes.

It’s easy to fall into the habit of going barefoot or sock-footed while staying at home. This makes it easier to injure your feet, leaving you with bumps, bruises or even broken toes. Resist the temptation and keep your shoes on while you are awake and at home. As a bonus, putting shoes on first thing in the morning is a good reminder to stay active throughout the day.

Stay connected with your podiatrist.

It’s easier than ever to connect with your podiatrist from the comfort of your home, through computer or telephone. Keeping your feet safe and healthy is a team effort, and your foot care squad members are at the ready. Be sure to stay on top of your foot health by continuing to check in with your podiatrist.

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Dr. Jennifer Flo is a podiatric physician with NOMS Ankle & Foot Care Centers and treats patients at the group’s Struthers, Austintown and Andover offices.