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It all started in 2011 when I had an accident at work and fell from my truck, I shattered my right ankle. Days later, I went into septic shock after experiencing a bone infection. I was told my only option was amputation, so I wanted to get a second opinion. My sister recommended Dr. DiDomenico. Dr. DiDomenico told me I had to listen. He knew I wanted to get back to work so he made it very clear that he could save my leg if I would just listen. I'm glad I didn't fight him, because he worked miracles on me. Over the course of eight years, I’ve had more than 10 surgeries and wore an external fixator for a while before I had an ankle fusion. Dr. D. removed the hardware in my ankle this past year and that’s when my life changed. I knew I'd never be able to work again, but I also thought I'd never be able to walk again. And here I am. I can actually get out into my backyard and might even be able to get the rototiller going again. And I'll hopefully be able to get back to doing what I love, which is playing around in the garage, working on cars. I was supposed to lose my leg. Dr. D. and my infectious disease doctor, Dr. Calderon, worked as a team and performed miracles on me. I'm walking again with my leg. It has changed my life completely.

Gary Breen
Youngstown, Ohio
February 2020

I suffered from debilitating pain in my Achilles tendon, which I found out was a heel spur. I tried every foot apparatus out there. I joke around and say that I could be a foot doctor after everything I tried. After being in a boot for months and having no relief, I decided to get a second opinion. My friend told me about Dr. Fahim, who saved her foot from amputation. The first thing Dr. Fahim said to me after seeing my MRI was, 'You have no quality of life.’ He told me that he could do surgery, but that would mean that I'd spend four to six weeks of recovery time in a nursing home. Or, he could give me PRP injections, with which I was likely to experience a 70 to 75 percent difference and some relief after two months. He explained it like a blood transfusion and I've never been more relieved to learn about something I had not heard of before. I was so happy after having it done that the first thing I yelled when I saw Dr. Fahim at my follow-up appointment was, I love you! I love you! I love you! Dr. Fahim not only helped me to feel alive again, but he was also very thorough and explained everything very well. I never waited to see him. He always got me in and out. You could tell he really cares about his patients. I finally have my life back and I can actually walk. I'm no longer depressed from the excruciating pain and I'm so thankful for Dr. Fahim.

Brenda Greathouse
Warren, Ohio
September 2019

After experiencing an infection due to a diabetic ulcer on my right foot, I had part of my foot amputated while living in Las Vegas, five years ago. I moved back home to Ohio and was undergoing various treatment methods from a physician in Canton, who I was traveling back and forth from Youngstown to see. It wasn’t until this past year that I came across Dr. Carbonell and he healed my ulcer in seven short weeks. When one thing didn’t work, he tried something else. I went through extended series of hyperbaric treatments and there were no signs of healing. Then, he put me in a walking boot and that didn’t work either. Then came the solution. He put me in a total contact cast and we saw the open wound shrink from the size of a 50-cent piece to the size of a quarter within one week. He put me in the cast a second time and, after 10 days, it went from a quarter to the size of a dime. Then, from a dime to the size of a grain of rice. Three days later after having the final cast off, I went in to see him and he removed the callous and didn’t even need to put a bandaid on. It had completely healed. That cast was a miracle. I have lost 75 percent of my body’s strength after being bedridden for five years. So it’s going to be a long road to recovery, but because of Dr. Carbonell, that road is possible. I wasn’t able to get my foot wet before. Heck, now I can dance in the rain if I really want to. I can also do aquatic therapy to regain that strength in my leg - something I couldn’t have imagined doing before. I can’t say enough how thankful I am for Dr. Carbonell and his staff, who were all very helpful and truly good people. And I’m also grateful for my wife, Lori, who went through all of this with me. 

Kevin Vara
Youngstown, Ohio
December 2018

What started out as a corn on my toe turned into a bone-deep wound. At first I thought the corn was from my shoes and from being on my feet all day as a nurse, but it continued to get worse. My family doctor referred me to see Dr. Carbonell. He treated me for the first time at Northside Hospital. I went back to him a second time after it had gotten worse and it wouldn’t stop bleeding. He decided to do surgery and remove parts of two bones in my pinky toe. My surgery was on a Friday and I went back to work on Tuesday. I wore a special kind of shoe and I was amazed that it wasn’t painful to walk on. My toe looks great now and I’m just amazed with how it never hurt during the healing process.  

Debra Stubbs
Youngstown, Ohio
May 2018

I had Achilles tendinitis about nine years ago in my left foot. I was treated by Dr. Blasko back then, too. So I knew right away when I experienced that same pain in my right ankle and heel that I needed to see him. For a while there, I wasn’t able to do any physical activity because of the pain I felt in my heel and ankle. It was very frustrating because I enjoy exercising. It is my outlet. When I saw Dr. Blasko, he took conservative measures, by starting with physical therapy and then shockwave therapy, but when that didn’t relieve the pain, he fit me for orthotic inserts. Within 48 hours of having the inserts, I felt 95 percent better. I should be a walking commercial for orthotics because they work so well for me. It’s like night and day compared to what life was like without the orthotics and now with them. My whole family goes to Dr. Blasko. He’s great. I couldn’t imagine us going anywhere else.  

Poland, Ohio
June 2018

I came upon Dr. Blasko during a medical emergency and my life changed forever. He never threw any curves and it was something that he saw in me that other doctors did not. That was raw hope! For about six to 10 months, the callous on my toe would turn red and bleed, but it went back to normal about a dozen times. But then, I knew disaster was around the corner when I saw the whole side of my foot turn red and suddenly my toe was black. Losing my leg was not an option. The body has a miraculous ability to heal itself, especially when you are no longer poisoning it with cigarettes, sugars and a bad diet. I knew I had to listen to my doctors if I wanted to save my leg and my life. I thank God for my team of doctors, led by Dr. Blasko, who helped me through the most frightful six months of my life, with the least amount of damage to my physical form.  

Michael Ospeck
Salem, Ohio
March 2018

I was seeing another foot doctor from a different practice who was telling me what I didn't want to hear. He said the solution was to amputate my foot, so I wanted a second opinion. After treating the wound, Dr. Barrett made it very clear to me that he had to remove a bone that was putting pressure on the spot behind my wound, preventing it from healing completely. He offered a much more favorable solution than the amputation the other doctor was going to perform. I don't just have less pain - I have NO pain. I'm 73 years old and I'm back at work feeling 100 percent. I would recommend anyone to Dr. Barrett. He's a very good doctor and he makes everything easy to understand.  

William Taylor
Youngstown, Ohio
March 2018

Dr. Fahim is an excellent doctor in my eyes. He tells you everything that is going on and he gives you options on what to do. One morning my sugar was low when I woke up, and I knew I had to drink some orange juice. I was less than 10 feet from the refrigerator when my legs gave out from under me. I had no feeling in them. The accident happened on a Sunday. I went to my podiatrist on a Monday and Dr. Fahim did the surgery the very next day. I would recommend Dr. Fahim to anyone. I don't think there is anyone better than him. I appreciate him doing everything he says he is going to do and also leaving me with options.  

Thomas Alter
Brookfield, Ohio
December 2017

I would wake up each morning with pain. I would manage to have a few good hours throughout the day but by the afternoon the pain would return, slowing me down to crawling at times in the evening. The pain is no longer constant. My feet and leg muscles can now relax and no longer feel tight. We just returned from Disney World and I was able to enjoy and walk each of the parks with my family. I am so thankful to have my feet back and grateful for Dr. Luckino and his staff at Ankle & Foot Care Center. He guided me through the process by honestly answering all my questions, which lead me to comfortably making the right decisions for my treatment.  

Erin Archer
East Liverpool, Ohio
March 2017

I believe doctors can become desensitized when dealing with patients and I totally understand that.  However, Dr. Fahim is one of those rare cases. He listens to everything you have to say and his team is great to work. They care about you and make the whole process easy to go through. I really appreciate that whole team at Ankle & Foot Care Centers. My injury was a mess and they did not hesitate at any point to ensure I would make a full recovery.           

Louann Richmond
Warren, Ohio
September 2017

I still have pain in my foot every so often but it is nothing close to what I was experiencing before my surgery last year with Dr. Fahim. For more than a year, I had pain in my right foot. It got to the point where the pain became unbearable with every step I took. Dr. Fahim determined that I had broken my foot years ago during an injury to my knee and that this was causing mid-foot arthritis. In November, Dr. Fahim and his team performed a mid-foot fusion and ankle stabilization surgery. I am keeping up with therapy and it is getting less and less painful to walk. I was only 40 at the time of this problem and was faced with a possibility of not being able to walk anymore. Dr. Fahim saved me from becoming permanently debilitated at a young age.

Erica Scott
Warren, Ohio
August 2017

My daughter recovered quickly after surgery to repair her broken right ankle. Dr. Blasko, who was at the game where she suffered the fracture, immediately helped us. She fractured her ankle during Prom Week, but she was still able to go to the prom after surgery with a hard cast that the doctor put on the ankle. She had to use a wheelchair, but she was thrilled that she could attend. Since then, she is back to her normal self and it’s as if the break never happened. She is able to run and do all the things she enjoys. I can’t say enough about Dr. Blasko and the way he presented and carried out her recovery plan. I think he was just awesome.

Jennifer Lattanzio
Poland, Ohio
November 2016

I was in extreme pain when I first saw Dr. Debiec, but once he began to treat me with medication and bandages for my swollen ankle, the pain began to disappear almost immediately. When I went back to see him the next week, there was no pain, and I no longer needed a walker and a brace. I walk around now like nothing happened and I’m pain-free. His treatment worked -- all of it -- and I can’t believe it.

Steve Lenart
Streetsboro, Ohio
September 2016

I have battled foot problems for years because I was born with feet that point inward. I played a lot of basketball from my youth into my 40s, and my condition led to several injuries over the years. My latest foot injury occurred in July 2014 when I rolled my ankle on a driveway. The incident left me in pain that was so severe I had to put my foot in ice at night.

I was fortunate to meet Dr. Alayon, who did surgery on my foot, relieved my tarsal tunnel condition and generally straightened my foot out. It’s like night and day. If not for this surgery, I don’t know what I would be doing now. I can walk without pain. Before, I was in pain all the time, and now I can get around and do my job now without hurting.

Steve Bland
Salem, Ohio
July 2016

About two years ago, I developed heel pain so severe that I had to walk and run on my toes so my right heel wouldn’t touch the ground. Even though I was seeing a podiatrist and using orthotics and a foot brace, the pain was nearly constant. I work part-time as a referee and decided to visit a new podiatrist right before the 2015 football season. I had known of Dr. Carbonnel through my previous work with an ambulance service.

It’s amazing how well the treatment worked. The pain went away in huge chunks. During football season, I got more and more comfortable running with my heels instead of always on my toes. Toward the end of basketball season, I was able to run as if I’d never had a problem. This is by far the best thing I could have done for my feet.

Kevin Holmes
Girard, Ohio
May 2016

My replacement ankle lets me walk as much as I’d like with no pain. I’m very grateful to Dr. DiDomenico. My ankle problems began when I was in a car accident at 19. I had pins installed and removed, but my ankle was always huge and swollen, and it always bothered me. As I got older, I got spurs and cysts, and the problems got worse. I was in pain all the time and scared to death that my ankle would lock up and make me fall down the stairs.

One doctor recommended ankle fusion surgery, but I declined based on what I read about that. I read an article about ankle replacement surgery and did a search on Google to see if anyone around here offered it. That’s how I found Dr. DiDomenico. I had the surgery last year and it took a good year to recover and heal. Now there’s no pain and no swelling and my foot doesn’t bother me at all. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. It makes a big difference and will for the rest of my life.

Lavonne Root
West Farmington, Ohio
April 2016

Things are going well since my ankle replacement surgery. Before it was like walking around with a sprained ankle 24/7. Now I’m walking around with a lace-up brace. I had battled consistent pain for five years when I stepped in a hole at work, in a coal mine. I had a real bad sprain, and a lot of pain, and wound up in a walking cast for six weeks. I had therapy, but the pain didn’t go away. I couldn’t even walk around unless I stepped sideways. Two years ago, a surgeon removed bone spurs from my ankle, and that reduced the swelling but didn’t change the pain.

That doctor recommended Dr. DiDomenico. I met with him and was told I was a good candidate for total ankle replacement surgery, so we scheduled the surgery for January 2015 and it went well. I spent seven months in recovery and now I am back to work and able to walk around without pain or limits. Sometimes when I get back on my feet after a rest, there’s some pain, but once I take about 20 steps, it goes away and I feel fine. It’s made a big difference.

Frank Sadlowski
Shadyside, Ohio
March 2016

I had a knee replacement, but before I could do the therapy required for it, I had to get an ulcer taken care of. Dr. Groner did a skin transplant, and the wound healed beautifully. That made it possible for me to follow through with the therapy.

Wolfgang Weber
Sebring, Ohio
March 2016

A rapid spread of dangerous gangrene to my feet last year almost forced me to have my left foot removed.

But after cardiovascular surgery by a local surgeon and five months of appointments with Dr. Blasko, I recovered quickly and wound up losing only a small part of one toe.

Also, after several weeks of immobility, I can now walk around comfortably, just as before the condition set in.

I feel like the surgeon saved my life and Dr. Blasko kept it going, along with my wife, Carol, who took care of me daily. I’m able to do everything I did before, which is very nice.

When I was recovering from my surgery, Dr. Blasko came to visit me every day and, to me, that’s phenomenal. A lot of times, you’re treated like a number. He can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned.

Dan Cavanaugh
East Palestine, Ohio
August 2015

I developed an ulcer on the bottom of my right foot. It got worse in 2013 when I got my feet wet while feeding horses and didn’t change my shoes or socks right away. That caused bacteria to develop, and I got a severe infection.

The wound eventually got so bad that I was confined to a wheelchair and then to a nursing home so I could avoid walking on the wound. I almost had to have the foot amputated.

The key to recovery was hyperbaric treatment. Dr. Emch ordered that, and it helped right away. Then I was treated with a wound VAC.

Now, the pain is totally gone. I can cut grass, walk around, clean the house and do all of the things I was able to do before without any pain.

Donald Chatham
Coitsville, Ohio
July 2015

I have been a diabetic for 34 years and have faced many health challenges. I developed a painful diabetic ulcer on my right foot that put me in danger of losing my lower leg.

I’ve always beaten the odds. So, I figured I could beat this, too. With Dr. [Greg] Blasko’s help, I still have my leg and I have my life back. He went above and beyond for me and I could never repay him.

Because of the ulcer, I had very little blood flow to the foot and the ulcer was not responding to treatment. Several podiatrists suggested that I could lose her big toe, and possibly my lower leg if the infection got too bad.

I found Dr. Blasko and he listened to me, gave his input and tried as many options as he could before surgery. It looked like there was no hope and I felt like my life as over. I wasn’t even 40 years old and I thought I’d be stuck in a chair for the rest of my life.

Faced with the real possibility of leg amputation, I decided to have Dr. Blasko remove half my right foot to remove the infection. I made the call. Losing my toe or half my foot was better than the alternative. I’m so thankful for all that Dr. Blasko did. He’s the only one who stuck with me through this whole thing.

I was a prisoner - I couldn’t get up, I gained weight and I had no hope. Now, I still have my legs and I’m back to doing everything I want to, like teaching and going to the mall with my kids. Dr. Blasko was a blessing put in my life and I owe him so much. He’s so much more to me than my doctor; he’s family.

Julie Cianfarano
Salem, Ohio
April 2015

Suffering from Charcot foot, recovering from a broken foot every year or two was just a part of life for me. It was painful and difficult.

I was in severe pain. My left foot would spontaneously break every two years or so. I’d just get to the point where I’d be healed up, then I’d break it again. I had to wear casts from my ankle down and couldn’t put any weight on it. It was frustrating.

After years of dealing with the agony and frustration of a broken foot and limited mobility, my local podiatrist in Steubenville told me about Dr. [Lawrence] DiDomenico at Ankle & Foot Care Centers. He recommended some procedures that could provide relief and prevent future bone breaks.

In the fall of 2012, Dr. DiDomenico performed a procedure to lengthen the tendons in my left foot. Soon after, he reconstructed my ankle and inserted pins into my foot to stabilize it.

It took a lot of procedures, but what Dr. D did worked well. What he told me would happen, happened. I’m pleased with the mobility I have now. I’m extremely pleased with how he took care of me.

I did have some infections because of the hardware in my foot, but he explained everything to me and was open and honest. I wasn’t ever going to give up and now because of Dr. D, I feel sensational. He really came through for me and I’d recommend him to anyone having ankle or foot problems.

Shirley Freeland
Mingo Junction, Ohio
April 2015

I had years of pain and numbness and struggled to get up and walk or do things with my kids. I had a feeling of electricity running through my feet, I couldn’t wear certain shoes and I couldn’t run like I used to. I had treatments from several doctors, but nothing was working.

When I went to see Dr. [Greg] Blasko, I was pushing for surgery more than he was. He was wonderful and wanted to try everything we could before cutting. He really had my best interests in mind. He was very conservative in his treatments, which I appreciated.

I ended up having tarsal tunnel release surgery on both feet to remove scar tissue and restore healthy blood flow. Surgery on my right foot was done first, in December 2013, and then my left foot in March 2014.

I’ve had zero pain since the second surgery. My kids know now that Mommy isn’t in pain and I can do things with them that I couldn’t before. My 7-year-old doesn’t have to ask me if I don’t feel good anymore.

Dr. Blasko was great and I’d recommend him to anyone. He wasn’t so quick to send me into surgery and was willing to try other was to help me. It’s great to be up and moving again, thanks to him.

Cristi Kopachy
Columbus, Ohio
April 2015

My foot problems began when I was born pigeon-toed. I had daily pain, limited mobility and I had eventually had to have my right hip replaced.

In September 2013, I saw Dr. Petrolla and the X-rays said I had osteoarthritis in my left ankle, which was causing my pain. Dr. Petrolla used cortisone shots and bracing to provide relief to avoid surgery. That helped a little, but not all the way.

My foot was so bad that I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. Dr. Petrolla saw the X-ray and asked me how I could even walk. She really tried to help me and ended up sending me over to Dr. [Lawrence] DiDomenico. I’m really thankful to her for all that she did for me.

Dr. DiDomenico did total ankle replacement surgery and fused the bone four weeks later. I noticed a big difference right away, both in pain level and mobility.

I told Dr. D that he made me the happiest girl in the country - the pain level is a huge difference. Both doctors were terrific to me and I can walk better now than I ever have in my life. I’d recommend them both to anyone.

Beverly Magill
Youngstown, Ohio
March 2015

I had some health issues which began in the winter of 2002 when I came down with a serious cold. I was down for quite a while as he went through some treatments. In 2005, I had colon cancer. Then, in 2009, I was in a car accident, which didn’t help my foot.

I had knee surgery at a doctor in Calcutta and during my rehab, someone recommended Dr. DiDomenico at Ankle & Foot to help with my club foot.

So in May 2013, I visited Dr. DiDomenico, who was originally going to perform a procedure to fix the ankle. But things were so bad that it wasn’t an option.

He was going to give me a new ankle, but once he got in there, he couldn’t do it. The bone had deteriorated so bad. So, he cut away all the dead bone and put a plate and screws in there to straighten my foot.

I’m pretty happy with what he did – he told me he was going to straighten my foot and he did. I used to have special shoes, but I still had to walk on the side of my foot. Now, I’m going to get some regular shoes.

I’ll have to learn to walk again, but I’m feeling better than I have in the past 10 years. I hope nothing else goes wrong and things continue to get better.

Charles Pickens
Rogers, Ohio
March 2015

I was in constant pain. I couldn’t work. I couldn’t walk without crutches. I rarely left the house. But after more than a dozen surgeries, years of pain and immobility and a test of my faith, I am finally enjoying an active life.

God gave me the blessing of being able to go to Ankle & Foot Care Centers and Dr. DiDomenico. My experience with Dr. D has been truly remarkable and I don’t know that any other doctor I would have went to would have done a better job. My feet are in better shape than they’ve been in my whole life and I’m back to being the person I want to be. That’s directly because of Dr. D.

I had experienced foot trouble for most of my life. When he was in high school, I broke my right foot and it never healed properly. Through my teenage and young adult years, I suffered with pain in both feet, but never had them examined by a podiatrist.

Five years ago I developed ulcers on both feet. My right foot became infected all the way to the bone and my doctor in Steubenville amputated the pinky toe. It took more surgeries to finally clean out the infection. It was an awful situation, but he kept an eye on me and his assistants and nursing staff were very helpful and compassionate. My family was very supportive during this whole journey and my faith really helped me get through it.

Ankle & Foot Care gave me my life back. My life was on hold for the past five years. I couldn’t even leave my house because of the pain and not being able to get around. As hard as it has been, I’ve tried to keep a positive attitude. I just can’t emphasize enough how grateful I am to Dr. D – I think the world of him because he’s given me a second chance at a good life.

Ryan Potenzini
Steubenville, Ohio
November 2014

I knew that I needed to find someone with more experience than the visiting nurses to take care of my foot wound. I called Ankle & Foot and the next day I saw Dr. Groner. He did a fine job and everything healed up nicely.

People said I should go up to the Cleveland Clinic, but I don’t think I would have gotten any better care than I did from Dr. Groner. I would have been in trouble without him. He did a beautiful job – I don’t think there’s any better doctor than him. Everyone at the office was great. The girls at the wound center were nice, too.

Everything went well and I’m getting around pretty well and don’t have much pain at all.

Dorsel Pifer
Beloit, Ohio
March 2014

I was experiencing constant pain because of a spur on my left foot and saw several podiatrists looking for relief. I had surgery about a year ago, but that procedure did not solve the problem. A doctor I was seeing for epidural treatments for his back recommended Dr. DiDomenico.

They did an excellent job for me. I’ve had 100 percent improvement and they have great people over there. If they lived next door to you, you’d have great neighbors. I highly endorse them.

Dr. DiDomenico’s demeanor was excellent. I’ve never had a doctor better at showing compassion for his patient. He was very personable and doesn’t put pressure on you to have surgery. He leaves the decision up to you. I was very confident that he’d do a great job.

In order to minimize Larry’s recovery time and having to undergo anesthesia multiple times, Dr. DiDomenico was able to perform three procedures in one visit. He provided relief for the spur, removed a bunion and repaired a tendon in the left calf.

That spur was intolerable and the bunion I had really burned. But all that pain is just a memory now. The whole experience with Dr. D and all the office staff was excellent. I’ve been endorsing Ankle & Foot Care on my polka show ever since. I only do ads on my show for organizations that I personally endorse and I’m happy to talk about how great of a job they did for me.

George Lesnansky
Youngstown, Ohio
January 2014

I had a bunion that was very uncomfortable and causing problems with my steel-toed work shoes. My work is pretty physical - I’m standing on concrete all day and hauling around drums that weigh 400 to 600 pounds.

I called a podiatrist in Beaver County, Pa., but I wasn’t thrilled with the procedure the he wanted to do. My wife’s friend told her about a procedure she had done by Dr. [Lawrence] DiDomenico and his group. She’s a nurse and she told me that the care I’d get at Ankle & Foot Care would be better than anything I could get in Beaver County.

After talking to Dr. D, I called the other doctor and told them I changed my mind and wanted to cancel my surgery. I underwent the procedure with Dr. DiDomenico on both feet – starting with the left, then later the right. I was off work about six months after each surgery.

I haven’t had any problems. He did a great job and he was very sincere in wanting to help me. He was easy to talk to and he’s around my age, so we hit it off pretty well. My wife is jealous because she says I have brand new feet like a baby.

Russ Glenz
Beaver, PA
December 2013

In March, I stepped on a nail and had to go to the emergercy room. Several doctors told me I was probably going to lose my foot. But a friend of mine introduced me to Dr. [John] Chiaro from Ankle & Foot Care Centers in Alliance.

I had surgery a short time later and he told me that if I did everything he told me to, then I wouldn’t lose my foot. He kept track of how I was doing the whole time and even gave me his personal number. Every time I went to his office, everyone was really nice to me.

I love the guy. I can’t say anything negative about my experience. I thought I was going to lose my foot, but thanks to Dr. Chiaro, I’m back to riding my horses and enjoying life. I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor than him.

Gary Heckman
Malvern, Ohio
November 2013

I had breast cancer in 2010 and 2011, underwent chemotherapy and in April 2011, had surgery to remove the cancer.

Because of the chemo, I developed peripheral neuropathy and had weakness, numbness and pain in my hands and feet. It was getting bad and I had a difficult time getting around with a walker, let alone trying to walk on my own. I couldn’t feel anything and I couldn’t clip my [toe] nails, so I went to Dr. [Lawrence] DiDomenico like my husband had for a few years.

He did my nails the first time, then went I went back the second time, he suggested that nerve release surgery would help me. We did that in November 2012.

He did my left foot first and after considerable improvement, he did the same procedure on my right foot in May 2013. My first one took some time to heal, but I think we learned a lot from that one so we knew what to expect with the second one. I’m doing fine now after some physical therapy – the surgery was in May and here I am now in October [2013] back to bowling.

Dr. DiDomenico is very nice and treats us well. It’s a very friendly and nice atmosphere there. We’ve gotten to know him and the girls in the office, too. The surgery really helped me and I’m getting better. Nerves don’t always regenerate as fast as you’d like, but I’m doing better.

Carole Cameron
New Manchester, WV
October 2013

I’ve been diabetic since 1996, but one day after I got out of the shower, the skin came off the pinky toe  on my right foot. The toe was black inside. I knew I needed to have someone look at it.

I looked in the phone book and started with the “A’s” and found Ankle & Foot Care. I got in to see Dr. [Kwame] Williams and he took me straight into the operating room. There were a few vascular surgeons who suggested we cut to the knee, but Dr. Williams didn’t want to do that. We ended up performing surgery toe by toe.

I was in and out of surgery for six months, as my toes were removed, first on my right foot, then my left. I spent a week to 10 days in the hospital for each procedure, then home for a week to recover. I don’t have any toes on either foot.

It’s not the end of the world. I’m living on my own, cooking my own food and living my life. You just have to be as positive as you can and treat this as a new start. They gave me immediate treatment and the service was excellent. Anyone who has a foot problem should go to him.

Francis Odom
Youngstown, Ohio
October 2013

I hurt so bad that I just wanted someone to cut off my feet. I tried everything – soaking my feet in water or resting when I could. Nothing worked. When I tried to get out of bed, my feet hurt so bad it felt like someone was burning the skin off them.

A friend told me about Dr. John Barrett in Alliance. He determined that I was a candidate for Platelet-rich plasma therapy.

After about 10 days, I was able to get out of bed without pain. My other foot was feeling better after 20 days. I could not believe that I didn’t have any more pain. Dr. Barrett was a God-send for me. I have no pain whatsoever and I’m working more hours than ever. I’m on my feet nine or 10 hours a day with no problems. Now, the rest of my body gets tired before my feet do.

Stacie Ashworth
Hartville, Ohio
August 2013

I worked on my feet all day and was in a lot of pain because of my foot. I had seen several doctors and they couldn’t find the problem or solution.

When Dr. DiDomenico found the fracture, it gave me a peace of mind that I was in the right place. He tried everything he could to treat me before deciding on surgery. He was very straight forward with us and told us what could happen. That helped give me ease of mind.

After surgery, it’s been a long road to recovery, but now I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. For a long time, I didn’t think there would be any light. But here I am now, moving around and spending time with my children. Dr. DiDomenico said I might never be free from obstacles, but he’s there with me for the long haul, and I’m counting on that.

He needs a referral program, because he’s done a great job with me and I’d recommend him to anyone I know. He’s never led me astray.

Michelle Bayne
Beloit, Ohio
August 2013

I spent four years in pain and couldn’t even put my pants on without holding on to something because I couldn’t put any weight on my ankle. The only time it didn’t hurt was when I was sitting or lying down.

I heard about Dr. DiDomenico in East Liverpool after learning about the total ankle replacement he could do only 30 minutes from my home in Steubenville, I agreed to give it a try. I’m so glad I went through with it, because afterward I had no more pain.

I’m moving around again, walking up steps, going to the mall and doing things I haven’t been able to in years. I’m free again to do whatever I want. I highly recommend Dr. DiDomenico for anyone with a foot problem.

Peter Markel
Steubenville, Ohio
September 2013

I’ve spent the better part of my life battling ankle pain brought on by having polio as a youth and suffering a twisted ankle at age 19 that never healed properly. I’ve had four unsuccessful surgeries over a 25-year period and I got to the point where I couldn’t walk on my bare feet because of the pain.

In 2004 I read about Dr. DiDomenico performing total ankle replacement procedures and I scheduled an appointment to see him. Turns out at age 67 I was a candidate for one myself. A few months later he performed a procedure to align my foot and leg, and then he did the ankle replacement.

I couldn’t be happier with the professionalism and compassion I’ve received from the staff and Dr. DiDomenico, and I’m happy to report I feel 100 percent better than I did before. The ankle replacement has me walking pain-free and it doesn’t hold me back from doing whatever I want to do.

John Baker
Salineville, Ohio
April 2013

I had never heard of a total ankle replacement when I learned I was a candidate for one. I just knew I was living with arthritis, which frequently caused pain and swelling in my feet and made it difficult to walk. A local physician referred me to Dr. DiDomenico for my procedure, and even though he was two hours away I was glad I found him.

He performed two surgeries on me; one to line up my heel properly and then the ankle replacement. Both procedures went great, and pain-wise the surgeries were a piece of cake. I’ve walked bow-legged since growing up, but now I’ve got to retrain myself to walk heel-to-toe as part of my therapy. Meanwhile my joint is pain-free and I’m looking forward to walking on the beach and racing our sailboat with greater confidence.

I liked Dr. DiDomenico right away. He comes right down to your level when he’s explaining things. He’s very good with educating patients on what to expect and what he wants to do.

Michael Muhn
Sandusky, Ohio
March 2013

All of a sudden I started noticing my foot was red, hot, and swollen. It couldn’t fit in my shoe and I was having trouble walking. As soon as I went into Dr. DiDomenico he knew it was Charcot foot.

He suggested we treat it aggressively, and in January of 2005 I went in for reconstructive surgery.

I feel like I was just wasting time with other doctors. I don’t know where I’d be without Dr. DiDomenico. He’s the best. I would recommend him to anybody and I wish I would’ve just gone to him right away.

Maria Sinegal
Edinburg, Pennsylvania
February 2013

My two year old daughter developed a spot on her foot. The pediatrician referred us to Dr. Gregory Blasko of Ankle & Foot Care Centers, and much to my surprise and delight, I found out Dr. Blasko had Saturday hours.

The spot was built -p scar tissue. Dr. Blasko said it could be taken care of quickly with surgery, but since my daughter was so young he suggested some things we could do at home. The treatment worked and her foot is now perfect!

In the meantime, my feet started to hurt, and I had to bring my three kids to my appointments.

The staff was great with my kids. My daughter was playing doctor and checking out my feet before Dr. Blasko came in. When he did he played right along with her and even asked for her opinion on how mom's foot was doing. She was so excited that she ‘was helping mommy get better too, just like Dr. Blasko.’

I wound up having surgery on my left foot and I no longer have pain. It's truly amazing.

I highly recommend Dr. Blasko to anyone who’s looking for help with their feet. He is a gifted doctor who has a genuine concern for his patients and I thank him for all he has done for me and my daughter.

Vicki Mayer
Lisbon, OH
January 2013

I fell down the stairs in my house and my leg got very swollen. It just wouldn't heal. As it turned out, I ended up with a limb-threatening infection and was so worried that I would lose my leg.

I was in and out of emergency rooms, doctors' offices and a nursing home when a family friend recommended I go to Ankle & Foot Care Centers.

You wouldn’t believe the before-and-after pictures of my leg. Dr. DiDomenico is fantastic and very professional. He took extra time to make sure my leg would not be lost. I recommend him very highly.

Myron Williams
Boardman, Ohio
November 2012

I’m a diabetic who was diagnosed with neuropathy less than two years ago. Neuropathy is an awful degenerative nerve condition that causes stinging and burning sensations, cramping and leg pain, in your feet. The nerves get damaged so much that you eventually lose feeling completely and it often results in amputation.

I moved to Chester, W. Va., from the East Coast after my diagnosis and was fortunate to be led to Dr. Lawrence A. DiDomenico at Ankle & Foot Care Centers. He told me I was a candidate for a new type of surgical procedure, multiple nerve release, that involves removing the nerves in my feet from the nerve sheath that is hardening due to my diabetes.

There I was in Philadelphia where every other building is a hospital and nobody told me of this option. The surgery was a success for me, and not only did Dr. DiDomenico save my feet, but I’m learning to walk normally again and I’ve totally regained feeling in my feet.

Marlene Fleming
Chester, WV
April 2012

I had never had any foot or ankle problems before, but one day when walking on a treadmill I started feeling an intense pain in my legs. It got worse and worse until it was to a point that I couldn’t walk anymore.

I was diagnosed with ‘foot drop’ and had a nerve decompression procedure performed by Drs. DiDomenico and Williams at Ankle & Foot Care Centers. I went from literally having to lift my leg with my hand to get around to almost a full recovery just a few months later.

I’m well on my way to walking normal again and I owe it all to Dr. DiDomenico and Dr. Williams.

Cristina Garay
Youngstown, OH
April 2012

After I shattered my ankle stepping off a commercial truck and slipping on a puddle of motor oil I faced a long, difficult road to saving my foot and restoring my independence.

I just wanted to get my life back, and Dr. DiDomenico’s main goal was to restore my independence. I was in a wheelchair for so long, and all through the recovery I had to rely on other people to get where I needed to go. All I wanted was the ability to go to the grocery store, doctor’s office, visit my kids or walk around the house – on my own.

Throughout my recovery I learned that it’s not just the doctor, but I had to participate in my own care, as well. If I were to save my foot I had to listen to what the doctor told me.

It’s been nearly seven years of stabilization, two surgeries, a few staph infections and doctor’s appointments three times per week. But there’s no one who could have led me through this process better than Dr. DiDomenico. If it weren’t for him I surely would have lost my foot. But now I’m back to walking with just a cane and learning to enjoy and appreciate the ability to live independently.

Rob Stock
Boardman, Ohio
February 2012

People don’t realize how much they use their feet until they don’t have use of them for a while.

I suffered a bad break that was initially and incorrectly diagnosed as a sprained ankle by a local emergency room. By the time it was determined how badly my foot was broken, an orthopedic surgeon told me if it were 10 years ago it would have been amputated.

Dr. DiDomenico was literally the only foot and ankle specialist in the region who could treat my foot. Believe me, I checked around in Cleveland, Akron and Pittsburgh, and every single surgeon I consulted  with referred me back to Dr. DiDomenico.

In the past four years I’ve had 21 surgeries to fix what was wrong with my foot. Through it all, the office staff at Ankle & Foot Care Centers has been nothing but professional and genuinely concerned about my well-being.

Dr. DiDomenico is on top of all the latest technologies in his field. It was good to hear the other surgeons referring him and consulting with him. Plus he’s one of the kindest and hardest working men I know. I’d recommend him to anyone.

Glenn Taylor
Austintown, Ohio
February 2012

I’ve seen the results of what diabetes does to the feet, and I didn’t want that to happen to me. After suffering through the pain, soreness and raw irritation caused by hammer toe I was determined to take care of my feet.

Dr. DiDomenico was a God-send for me. He not only assured me with straight talk and a quiet, assuring confidence, but he displayed the operating room skills that eluded others and that took care of my problem once and for all.

He resolved my hammer toe and restored my ability to do the things I enjoy doing, like mowing my yard, raking leaves, going to Mass and enjoying retirement with my husband.

You don’t have to live with the discomfort associated with hammer toe. Even if you’re diabetic, there’s a solution out there, and I highly recommend seeing Dr. DiDomenico.

Paula Krispli
Boardman, Ohio
January, 2012

The complications of diabetes really did a number on my feet. Just the simple act of walking caused the small bones in my feet and toes to crack and break.

I was fortunate to be referred to Dr. DiDomenico through a Youngstown-native podiatrist in my hometown of Niagara Falls, N.Y. He not only was able to save my foot from having to be amputated, but he gave me back my freedom to do the things I enjoy, like fishing, hiking and taking long walks.

Before my surgeries I was pretty much confined to my second-floor apartment, unable to walk up and down the 16 steps without severe pain.

As a retired military serviceman, the V.A. just didn’t have the ability to do what Dr. DiDomenico does. If it weren’t for him I would have certainly lost my foot.

Ken Kirchmeyer
Niagara Falls, NY
January 2012

When I lost my mobility and independence at age 78 after I badly twisted my already compromised ankle, I was certain I was going to lose my foot. I went through two doctors, two surgeries that failed to straighten my ankle, some bad complications and years of frustration.

Unable to walk, live at my home, drive my car or play a round of golf, I was fortunate to be referred to Dr. DiDomenico, who my doctor heard speak at a conference about my particular foot, ankle and diabetes issues.

Despite the distance from where I lived in West Virginia, I gladly made the trip to Youngstown with the help of my daughters multiple times over the next two years for surgery and follow-up care. The doctor did a great job. He’s a nice fellow and he and the staff always treated me and my daughters well.

Best of all, I’m now able to walk with a cane, drive my Jeep, and hopefully next year even golf again.

Gene Manzo
Parkersburg, West Virginia
November 2011

I am an elite marathon runner. Despite a series of setbacks related to my feet, I am back in training for the 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials in January. Much of the credit goes to my podiatrist, Dr. Greg Blasko of Ankle & Foot Care Centers.

He has helped me tremendously. He always takes the time to understand and address the problem thoroughly. Dr. Blasko has gone above and beyond his duties to make sure I get the care I deserve, and he always makes sure I do the right things to get back on track as soon as possible.

In the past six months, Dr. Blasko has helped me overcome two serious bouts with plantar fasciitis. He helped me stay in training on several occasions because he understood that telling me to not run was only the last-case scenario for a solution. This was completely obvious when he once questioned a career-ending MRI diagnosis from a doctor I visited while injured in another state.

His timely “second opinion” made a huge impact. Last July, when I was visiting family in Wisconsin, I experienced sharp pain in my feet. A doctor I visited there told me I had a navicular stress fracture, and ordered me to halt my training right away. I called Dr. Blasko immediately. Being cautious, he called in for me to be put in a walking boot and on crutches in order to relieve any pressure on my foot. This is something the out-of-state doctor failed to do. At that point, Dr. Blasko knew how devastated I was because I assumed my dream of running in the Olympic Trials was over.

However, Dr. Blasko hadn’t given up on my dream. After repeated examinations of my MRI scans, he was convinced there was no actual stress fracture. Finally back home in Poland, after 2 1/2 weeks in Wisconsin, Dr. Blasko immediately ordered a CT scan and bone scan. Both tests confirmed he was right. It was concluded that a stress reaction had occurred, which is a precursor to a stress fracture. The non-weight bearing time I had given my foot in a boot and on crutches (thanks to Dr. Blasko) had allowed the stress reaction to heal and I was cleared to resume running. It was a miraculous moment!

His careful decision for treatment of my plantar fasciitis this past fall sealed the deal. He used low-intensity shockwave therapy. After the first treatment, within 24 hours, I was running with 80 to 85 percent less pain. Within two days, it felt like the pain was completely gone. It’s so wonderful. I had literally forgotten what it was like to run pain-free. It was like a miracle.

This has been one crazy roller coaster ride and I feel very fortunate to have someone like Dr. Blasko in my corner. When you truly believe in someone, you want to spread the word as much as possible. I feel really good about what he’s done for me. Dr. Blasko never gives up on a patient. His true goal is to see you healthy and he will do everything he can to make that happen.

Sarah Flament
Poland, Ohio
November 2011

When I twisted my left ankle and tore my deltoid ligament while playing indoor soccer, I figured my days as an athlete were over. But thanks to the surgery by Dr. Blasko, I’ve played soccer, run track and completed military missions in Iraq and Afghanistan on the strength of my repaired leg.

I was a junior in high school in early 2005 when I hurt my leg playing indoor soccer. I actually heard the injury. It sounded like somebody broke a piece of wood. It swelled up really big and went numb.

I was a little bit nervous about doing anything. I had to ease into it. But I found out after a while that my leg was pretty much like brand new. I resumed playing soccer, then ran the 400 and 4 x 4 relay events on the track team in my senior year.

In the Marines, there were a lot of 20-mile hikes, and my leg never bothered me much. I did seven-month tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. I’ve lost a little mobility, and it feels like I had surgery. But there’s been nothing disabling.

Caleb Markusic
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
October 2011

"I never give up. And I appreciate what Dr. DiDomenico and his staff have done to keep me going. After a terrible fall at work, I wound up undergoing more than 20 surgeries to treat issues related to my leg injury.

"When nothing seemed to be working and I was looking for help, I was referred to Dr. DiDomenico. On that very first visit, he spent three hours with me and my wife, Cherie, just sitting and talking about all of my issues and possible treatment.

"Despite his help, including several more surgeries, we decided together to amputate my leg below the knee last year. What had to be done, had to be done. But recently I was fitted with a red, white and blue prosthetic leg and am learning to adjust to my new life and new outlook.

"There were plenty of days that were pretty tough to get through. But I have so much to be thankful for.  I couldn’t have gone down this journey without Dr. DiDomenico. He and his staff did everything they could to help me through this.  There were so just many complications.

"My goal is to walk again. I’m not going to say when, but one thing I know for sure is that I’ll never give up until I do.

Roger Ungerer
Norwalk, OH
June 2011

I’ve always been able to count on Dr. Blasko. Since I have diabetes, there’s always something going on. So far he’s been able to take care of it and heal it, whatever the problem is.

The latest issue for me was an ulcer between the fourth and fifth toes of my right foot. The sore grew when my toes began rubbing together. But a surgery eliminated the sore. Within two or three days of the surgery, the ulcer had healed.

One time when I was out of town, I had to call him, and he called in a prescription for me. Any time something happens, no matter what, he takes care of it. 

Patricia Douglas
Youngstown, Ohio
September 2011

Last year, I noticed a small depression in my right foot about the size of a quarter. I wound up being admitted to a local healthcare facility, where a doctor applied salves and medicines. None of them worked. The sore continued to grow wider and deeper and I lost the ability to move my toes.

The hole grew so deep you could see the bone. They said they would need to amputate. But my wife and daughter told me to get a second opinion, and I did, from Dr. DiDomenico at the Market Street office. My sore turned out to be a severe diabetic ulcer. Dr. DiDomenico set me up with a wound VAC and removed a piece of bone from my foot. I also had an angioplasty with Dr. Michael Cicchillo, and some of my blood vessels were repaired.

Now the size of the sore has decreased and the color has returned almost to normal. I have feeling again in my toes and the pain has gone away. It still hurts to walk, but I can walk very carefully – like a cow on ice. I can wear shoes again for the first time in months. If not for Dr. DiDomenico I would have lost my foot.

Cecil Price, North Lima, OH
April 2011

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I am grateful for the surgeries and support that saved my foot after I was diagnosed with Charcot foot.

I hurt my ankle at work one day, and because of a lack of feeling in my foot I did not realize that the damage was so extensive. I was walking around on it for a week. It was swollen, but I figured it was just because I was on it too much. Dr. DiDomenico looked at my ankle and scheduled me for surgery. There were four surgeries, because the ankle had to be repaired in stages. There was a long recovery, and the therapy was difficult.

Today I get around fine with a walker. There is still some pain and swelling, and the neuropathy makes it difficult to keep my balance. But as the ankle has healed, I can exercise more and that helps with the balance.

Dr. DiDomenico has stuck by me, and the girls in the office are all so nice. They made a miserable situation so much better.

With some doctors, you can't ask questions, because they make you feel like you're questioning their authority or their knowledge. He has answered all of my questions and calmed my fears. He stays calm, and sets such a good example. If it weren't for him, I'd have lost this foot.

DG, Youngstown, OH
April 2011

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I am very fortunate to still have my foot today. I had an injury at work, and the bruise on my left foot developed a terrible infection. I was being treated regularly for the injury, but it kept swelling and I kept getting more blisters. It was very painful and I cried every time I looked at it. Between my regular appointments, I got in to see Dr. DiDomenico. He said I had to go to surgery right away. So they admitted me and I had the surgery that day. That surgery got rid of the infection and saved my foot.

I cannot say enough things about this doctor. If not for him, I would be in a wheelchair. I tell everybody about it. Do you know what it's like to feel like you owe someone? That's how I feel.

Mary Ann Perez, Campbell, OH
February 2011

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After a foot deformity that developed in my childhood, I wore a leg brace for almost 30 years. Then, in September 2009, I underwent surgery with Dr. DiDomenico and regained the ability to walk without a brace for the first time since I was 12. This came about by chance. In 2009, I got a new brace, and it was made wrong. So I was looking for a different podiatrist to get it fixed, and wound up at the Ankle & Foot Care Centers.

I was just planning to get a new brace, and then one of the staff members suggested I see Dr. DiDomenico.

The surgery changed my life. Before, with the brace, I could walk about 10 to 15 feet, and then I would have to rest. Now I can walk all day with no problem.

Randall McFarland, Hillsville, PA
January 2011

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In early 2005, the pain of my bunion was so bad that I felt like I was stepping on a nail with every step. It was real bad pain." There was no cause for it that I was aware of. It was a sharp pain around the joint of the big toe on my left foot. I favored the left foot so badly I practically dragged it. In August of 2005, I had bunion surgery with Dr. DiDomenico. He removed some soft tissue and bone in that area and used three small screws to keep the remaining bone in place.

I had therapy. It included using my foot to rotate a disk and using my toes to lift and move marbles. I also wore an air-cast to relieve pressure on the big toe.Within a few weeks, I was back on the golf course.

Dr. Larry is absolutely the best. He's good with patients and he knows what he's doing.

Ron Chevront, East Liverpool, Ohio
December 2010

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Last year, a sore appeared on my right foot and I figured it was a blister from a new pair of shoes. But within just a few months, it expanded into a seriously painful blister that made it nearly impossible to stand, let alone walk. Fortunately, I called Ankle & Foot Care Centers and was scheduled with Dr. Emch. He was a godsend. After some tests, I was diagnosed as a diabetic. The "blister" was a diabetic ulcer. I had three different skin grafts to heal up the ulcer. My foot got better with each one. The ulcer ended up being fully covered, and it got to the point where I didn't even have to wear a Band-Aid or anything on it. I went back to work in April.

I have had a few setbacks. But the severe pain is gone.

It was a very long process, but I couldn't have asked for better people to work with me. I think a lot of it is the faith you have in your doctor, and I have all the faith in the world in him.

Tina Kayser, Youngstown, Ohio
October 2010

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I broke my ankle in 2004 when I slipped on some wet grass in the backyard. When I walked into the house, I noticed it had swollen severely, so I arranged for transportation to Pittsburgh and had surgery there. The doctors inserted a pin in the ankle. For several months I lived at Vista Center, and underwent therapy on her ankle. They walked me around there daily, and the ankle began to feel better. But even after I got home, there was still pain, especially in the winter time. I had to take pain pills for the pain.

As a result of a wart, I wound up visiting Ankle & Foot Care Centers in East Liverpool office in 2008, and met Dr. DiDomenico. That was the first I had heard of these foot doctors in Liverpool. I haven't had any pain. I'm walking fine and I feel really good. I don't have to take any pain pills.

It feels a lot better now than when I had those screws and pins and bolts in there.

Martha Peters, Salineville, OH
September 2010

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I had tingling and numbness in my left foot and lower leg, and it was so severe that I often felt like I was going to fall down. It was hard to feel my feet, and that made it very difficult to walk. I always felt like I had to be on guard. The tingling also made it difficult to sleep.

Thanks to a nerve decompression procedure with Dr. DiDomenico, that feeling is now gone. I expected some pain, but I came home from the surgery and didn't feel any. It was a breeze.

I thought the surgery might slow me down, but it didn't. And now I don't have any tingling or pain. I went back to work quickly. Besides the relief from the pain, I have more confidence now in walking. I don't have that feeling any more like I need to be on guard all the time.

Marsha Drapp, Andover, OH
September 2010

Walking was difficult for me after an accident in 2008. One morning, my son found me unconscious after a severe fall. I had fallen into an ottoman, and my left leg wound up in a position that caused terrible swelling. I had to have surgery right away. In one of the complications from the surgery, a tendon and nerves in my foot were cut, leaving me with 'drop foot.' This made it difficult to walk. It also put tremendous pressure on my left heel, which compounded an ulcer I had there. The ulcer had persisted for a year, and seven surgeries to address it brought only minor healing. But the surgery to correct the drop foot wound up eliminating the ulcer, too.

Dr. DiDomenico inserted two steel rods that straightened my foot, making it easier to walk as I had before the accident. Without the pressure on my left heel, the ulcer cleared up. The day I had the surgery on that foot, the ulcer began to go away.

Mary Caccarozzo, Austintown, OH
August 2010

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I would recommend Dr. DiDomenico to anybody. He did an ankle replacement that took away years of pain and enabled me to walk again.

In 2000, I was working in a warehouse and a pile of steel fell on my left foot. It was virtually severed, right at the ankle. I had surgery to reassemble the foot, and I stayed in a hospital for 19 days. Over the next seven years, I had eight other surgeries. The pain was constant.

In 2007, I had support rods and plates removed to prepare for total ankle replacement. Later that year, Dr. DiDomenico installed my new ankle. The relief didn't come right away, but after the therapy it made a lot of difference. The pain subsided. I still walk with a limp, and it's a little rough on uneven ground, but I can walk a lot better. The pain is nothing like before.

John Ohler, Malvern, OH
August 2010

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For three years, I dealt with severe numbness, pain and burning in my feet. It got so bad at night that I often could not sleep. One day, while I was working (I am a waitress), both of my legs started burning, and I lost all feeling in them. I wound up falling down. I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. I had it in both of my feet.

A month later, Dr. DiDomenico did surgery to decompress the nerves in my left foot, and the results were quick. I could not have asked for a better outcome. I was nervous at first, because this was about my ability to walk. But I went from being able to walk about 5 percent of the time, and for about 10 minutes, to being able to walk as I please. Two months later, Dr. DiDomenico did the same surgery on my right foot. Now I can walk straight for 30 minutes without any discomfort in either leg.

It is beautiful. I can actually go to sleep at night and not have the aching, the burning, the numbness and the tingling in my left legs as before. They did an awesome job.

Frances Cox, Youngstown, OH
July 2010

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About three years ago, I learned I had Charcot foot. I was walking in the grocery store with my wife one day, and a bone shifted my ankle. It was very, very painful, and I could not walk on it. I was hospitalized and wound up suffering an infection. The pain became so severe that I could not walk at all and had to use a wheelchair. One doctor told me my foot had to be amputated. But my family doctor disagree d, and referred me to Dr. DiDomenico. He performed a reconstructive surgery on my foot, using a bone graft, a rod, plates and screws. A second surgery applied skin grafts to treat an ulcer on the same foot. After the surgeries, the infection and pain subsided, and I've been able to walk with crutches.

I wear a reinforcement brace on my left foot, and also wear a specially padded shoe to protect my heel. I am able to drive, as long as the car has automatic transmission."

Charles Hueberger, Dillonvale, OH
May 2010

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I can't begin to describe the relief I feel since my foot surgery. The stabbing pain that was in my heel almost all the time has disappeared. I have resumed walking (for exercise) and actually added light jogging.

It was February '09 when I first noticed the pain. Of course I hoped it would go away on its own, so I did not seek medical attention until July '09. I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and had the following treatments:

1 month of physical therapy
3 injections
2 shock wave treatments

Nothing seemed to work until a nerve test was ordered in mid-February 2010. I then was introduced to Dr. Francisco and he recommended surgery for tarsal tunnel. I was hesitant at first but after the procedure was explained I could hardly wait. I can't believe the difference it has made and only wish I had met him and had the surgery sooner. Awesome results!!!

Linda Oldacres
Surgery date 3/31/10

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As a beautician, I spend a lot of time on my feet. So when they're not right, life is difficult. A few years ago, severe pain emerged in my feet. It got worse during a vacation in Myrtle Beach. It got to the point where they hurt constantly and I could hardly walk. I went to a foot doctor in Weirton, and started getting cortisone shots, but they didn't help at all. Then I had orthotics made, but that didn't help much either. I was in horrible pain.

A friend referred me to Dr. DiDomenico. He ordered X-rays and wound up repairing my Achilles tendon and removing bone spurs on both of feet. When I still had pain in the right foot, particularly around the heel and arch, Dr. DiDomenico did an [extracorporeal shockwave therapy] procedure. Shortly thereafter, both feet were pain free.

I'm fine now and don't have any pain at all. I'm able to do just about anything, including walk long distances several times a week.

Barb Heinen, Colliers, WV
March 2010

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After almost two years of very limited mobility, I am now able to get around again -- without a wheelchair or walker -- thanks to a total ankle replacement. I am 78. I am glad to be walking and not sitting in a wheelchair. I've been through a lot with this ankle. Dr. DiDomenico did a fantastic job.

In 2008, I broke my ankle when I slipped on the porch steps when it was raining. My leg was put in a cast, and I was fitted with a support plate. For most of the past two years, I have had to use a wheelchair or a walker to get around. The pain was terrible and my therapy was not working. When Dr. D suggested an ankle replacement, I said 'Go ahead. What do I have to lose?'

That worked. My pain subsided, and I was able to move without the wheelchair and, eventually, to walk without the walker.

Wanda McDowell, Struthers, OH
February 2010

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I walk a lot in my work as a meter reader. One day in 2007, as I was walking alongside a house, I stepped into a drainage ditch that was covered by snow, and I severely hurt my foot. I was on crutches and wore an air cast. But I could not put my foot down and stand. Any weight at all made it very painful.

I visited Dr. Emch, whom I had heard about from a friend, and he performed some tests. He recommended shockwave therapy for my heel pain. He applied this treatment to my left foot, and the results were fast. The very next day, I was able to get out of bed and walk around. It was really something. I could walk around easily, and did not have any pain.

A few months later, Dr. Emch applied the same treatment to my right foot, and the same thing happened. Before too long, I was back in the business of reading meters. I walk between five and eight miles a day, and there is no more pain.

Linda K, Youngstown, OH
January 2010

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"There is help, don't let anyone tell you nothing could be done.I’ve been a diabetic for over fifty years and the past six years have been very painful. My feet and legs were so painful I couldn’t stand or walk. I was told by doctors I had to live with it until I read an article in the Youngstown Vindicator where Dr. J. Francisco helped a woman from Columbiana who was experiencing the same symptoms as me. I called the doctor's office and made an appointment. Dr. Francisco was the only one who gave me hope. What a blessing. I had my surgery (pain free) and am now beginning to get my life back. Thanks to Dr. Francisco (there is help)."

Phyl Koss
December 2009

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"After 20 years of battling chronic foot pain and two surgeries to help correct it, I finally found relief, quite by accident last month, in the office of Dr. Joe Francisco.

"During a visit to his office with my uncle, who was there to learn more about a procedure to correct neuropathy in diabetic patients, I happened to mention that I had a lot of problems with my foot and explained to him what I’d already done in an effort to gain some relief. He said it sounded like something he could treat but I wasn’t getting my hopes up because I was told that because of nerve damage and scar tissue I’d probably always have pain in that foot.

"The following week I made an appointment with Dr. Francisco, had x-rays and an examination and was scheduled for surgery the following week. I know there’s a name for the procedure Dr. Francisco did on my foot, but I’m calling it a miracle. For the first time in 20 years I have absolutely no pain in my foot….none at all!

"I think things always happen for a reason and I know that if I hadn’t taken my uncle to his appointment, I’d still be experiencing the pain I’d had for years. Also, my uncle had his surgery 2 weeks ago and is doing extremely well. We both have Dr. Francisco to thank for making our lives a little easier."

Lori Stone, Poland, OH
December 2009

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"I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to one of your employees. I was at your office on Thursday, 11/19/09 for an MRI. Denise was the person to take care of me and she was absolutely wonderful.

"You should be proud to have her working for you. She took great care to make sure I was comfortable and at ease during the MRI. I would gladly return to your office as long as I knew she would be taking care of me. Thanks again!"

Jim Murphy Jr., Youngstown, OH
December 2009

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"I've had problems with my feet for many years. I lost a toe in 2007, and a year later I lost part of another toe. In late 2008, a diabetic ulcer on my right leg got so bad that my doctor told me my leg would have to be amputated. Fortunately, Dr. DiDomenico and Dr. Williams had a different viewpoint. They put together a treatment plan that saved my leg. I walk now with a cane. But I can look down and thank God I have both feet and both legs."

Thomas Cochrane, Canfield, OH
November 2009

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"When I contracted juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at age 12, walking became very difficult and painful. My ankles and wrists were affected first, and my ankles started to fuse, so my mobility became very limited. I lived in Florida at the time, and my doctor wanted to do a permanent ankle fusion.

"I decided to check around when I moved to Ohio. A doctor at the Cleveland Clinic recommended an ankle fusion, but Dr. DiDomenico recommended an ankle replacement. The rationale for getting the fusion was that even though an ankle replacement would offer more mobility, it would only last about five years, and then I’d likely need to consider another replacement.

"I felt that having the mobility for five years was worth it, so I went through with it – for both ankles. It's been three years now, and I can walk a lot longer with my own stride, without the pain. I’m so glad I did this."

Wendy Kelso, Boardman, OH
October 2009

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"I had severe pain and discomfort in my right foot, likely because of my work. I spent a lot of time climbing and standing on a ladder.

"For over a year, I tried painkillers, but they provided temporarily relief at best. I tried injections, too, and they didn’t help much either. Neither did some new exercises or the stretchers or foot inserts I tried. Eventually, it got to the point where I could not even walk without pain. Whenever I did walk, I had to sit down and take breaks. I always wanted to go lay down, just to get off of my feet. It was just a miserable condition.

"Then Dr. Chiaro recommended ESWT [extracorporeal shockwave therapy] to take care of the heel pain. Within a few weeks of my first treatment, the pain started to go away. I had phenomenal results! Now I can walk as much as I’d like without that pain."

Janet Filbert, Poland, OH
September 2009

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"For almost seven years, I struggled with severe neuropathy in my feet. I felt acute pain or a frustrating tingling sensation whenever I was not walking or otherwise using my feet. Most days, the pain was severe. Every night, I would put an ice pack on my feet to deal with the pain, just to get through the night. But I rarely enjoyed a full night’s sleep.

"In late 2008, Dr. Francisco suggested a nerve decompression surgery to address my neuropathy. He was very convinced that it would work, and I said I’d try anything to get rid of this pain.

"The procedure did work, and I have been very thankful for the dramatic change in my life. Since the day after the surgery, the pain and tingling in my feet have been completely gone. No more pain medication and no more ice packs in bed. The change has been like night and day – very dramatic."

Agnes Gregory, Lisbon, OH
August 2009

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"Dear Dr. Francisco,

The purpose of this letter is to express my sincere appreciation to you and the members of your staff for the excellent patient care and courtesy during my neurolysis procedures.

"Pre-surgery I suffered from pain in both feet to the extent of rendering me nearly incapacitated at the end of the work day. Now, thanks to the procedures, my pain has diminished to very tolerable levels and daily improvement is noted. Being able to ambulate without severe pain is, to say the least, wonderful.

"I would provide positive testimony to anyone considering the procedures."

Clark A. Jones

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"My experience was outstanding and 1st rate. Dr. John Chiaro, Jr. and the staff at Ankle & Foot Care Centers delivered great care and outstanding treatment while removing an infected blister from my right foot. At every step of the care and recovery process Dr. Chiaro kept me well informed on the treatment and progress.

"The most impressive fact was the teamwork the whole staff displayed to care of my health care needs and the friendly, professional demeanor that they showed during my office visits.

"Healthcare professionals of the highest order at Ankle & Foot Care Centers. I was very fortunate to have been in your care. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Myke Clarett

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"I have been diabetic for most of my life and over the last few years I developed peripheral neuropathy. The pain in my feet was excruciating - I felt like my feet were on fire. It became so bad that I was unable to sleep at night without the assistance of pain medication, and even then, my sleep was not restful. The worst feeling was that I didn’t believe there was anything that could be done. A family friend suggested I see Dr. DiDomenico as he might be able to help. Dr. DiDomenico explained that there was a procedure available to help alleviate the pain I was feeling in my feet. Although I was nervous about the procedure, I was grateful to finally have some hope. I can honestly say the night after my procedure was the first night I slept peacefully in years. The care I received from Dr. DiDomenico and his staff was outstanding. Each day I feel better and better and am glad I took the advice to see Dr. DiDomenico. It has changed my life."

Mrs. Patricia Dodd, Boardman, OH

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"On 12/11/2000 my husband sustained a life altering injury to his left ankle. This injury changed life as we knew it. Over the next several years we (my husband, myself, our son and our dog) endured more than a normal family would in a lifetime. Activities my husband used to enjoy (hunting, fishing, biking) were now no longer enjoyable. If he did occasionally engage in these activities, he was miserable for DAYS from the pain. We searched and searched for a doctor to help him, several operated on his ankle trying to correct the issues, but they only made things worse. Along with the surgeries came the grueling hours of physical therapy. I am not sure who the rehab was harder on, him or us. The man I had met fell in love with, and married no longer existed. This injury has affected us mentally, physically and financially. In August of 2006 we moved to Ohio from Pennsylvania and the search began again for a doctor to help us. We found Dr. Joseph Francisco and for the first time, someone gave us hope. There was a light at the end of the tunnel. On January 24, 2007 Dr. Francisco operated on Vinson’s left ankle. That first night home from the hospital, I could tell something was different. Vinson commented that the agonizing pain he had experienced for 7 years was GONE!!!! Since then, our lives have taken a wonderful turn for the good. Vinson is making great progress, and with a little hard work, we can once again enjoy all the physical activities we relish doing. Mush gratitude is extended to Dr. Francisco for giving us our quality of life back."

Karen Santelmo

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"I'm a 41 year old woman with 34 years being diabetic. I’m always on my feet and on the go because of my custodian job. For the last few years I put up with leg pain so bad I cried. The 24/7 pain was of numbness, not able to feel hot or cold in my feet, sharp-dull burning, stabbing pain, (like stepping on nails), loosing my balance, always tired, achy, didn’t care a darn about anything. I thought my life was over. Until I went to the Salem Community Hospital Diabetes Health Fair on November 2, 2006. Dr. Joseph Francisco was the speaker on 'Diabetic Foot Disease'. The first 10 minutes of his talk, I knew this doctor could help me. I have now had the surgery on February 7, 2007. At this time I am still recovering. But, I now can feel hot and cold in my foot, don’t have the sharp-dull burning pains as before. I can even walk straight instead of looking like a drunken duck trying to walk. I now feel like my life can mover forward for many more years to come. Who knows, maybe I can do that skydive jump I’ve always wanted to do. Dr. Francisco has a passion for this kind of work, and I hope and pray he can help many more people like he has helped me. Thank you Dr. Joseph Francisco."

Carol Broadway

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"Over the past year, I have dealt with constant pain and numbness in my left foot. The problem had become so bad, I had trouble walking. When I went to see Dr. Joseph Francisco, it was recommended I have surgery to relieve the nerve entrapments in my foot and ankle. I had the neuropathy procedure of my left, lower extremity done that Dr. Francisco recommended, and what an incredible difference it has made in my day-to-day life! The recovery from surgery was quick and painless. The pain and numbness in my foot was gone immediately.

"I’ve had such amazing results that I recommended my husband, a long time diabetic with no feeling in his foot, to see Dr. Francisco. On November 29, 2005, he had a multi-nerve decompression procedure and miraculously, he has feeling in his foot again and walks without dragging his leg. Everyday, he’s regaining more feeling and motion in his foot and leg.

"In the near future, we plan on having the same procedure done on our opposite foot to repair the nerve entrapments."

Noreen A. Mazon

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"My name is Latoasha Franklin and I am a twenty-nine year old African American female, who two and half years ago had my life altered due to extreme pain and numbness in both my feet.

"I had a hard time standing and walking for long amounts of time. Then I met Dr. Francisco and he began to be my caregiver. He took all the necessary steps to help me to improve my every day living.

"Then he and I decided to go ahead with the surgery that we had discussed previously. He preformed the first surgery on my right foot on 11/11/05 and I could tell the difference almost immediately.

"He preformed the surgery on my left foot on 2/15/06. Since the surgery I have noticed a very big difference, in the amount of numbness and pain. I also have discovered that I have a reduction in the amount of pain in my knees.

"From this point on in my life I feel that my life is going to be a whole lot better and eventually pain free."

Latoasha Franklin

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"Before my surgery, I was experiencing significant pain and tingling with numbness in the top of my foot and at times up into the back of my calf. When walking, I would experience times when it felt as though my foot would lock up or give out. As a result, I was unable to walk and sometimes would occasionally fall. When this happened, I would rotate my foot in a circular motion until I would hear a popping sound, which at the time, indicated to me that something must have popped into place. For minutes up to approximately an hour, I would have extreme pain and aching in my foot when walking. After seeing Dr. Francisco, he explained to me about a surgery that would help relieve my symptoms. As a result of the surgery, I have not experienced any pain, numbness, or tingling within my foot. Also, I have not experienced any instances where my foot has given out or locked up. As of today, I am pain free and able to walk without any concerns of falling. The recovery time was short and virtually painless. I was up walking with a surgical shoe the next day."

Rhonda Kish

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"Dr. Joe did an excellent job on my right foot. The nerves on my right foot, first and second toes. The healing process was amazing. I was healed in 3 weeks and it was great since I’m a diabetic. He was really pleased with how well it relieved the pain in my feet because I have neuropathy."

Peg Alford

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"As a result of an injury to my right foot I developed unbearable constant sharp pain in my foot comparative to a constant toothache. It was impossible to drive, walk or carry on any normal activity without the pain. I was sent for a PSSD nerve testing, which indicated that I had an entrapped nerve. Immobilizing the foot and medication did not affect the pain consequently surgery was the last recourse. I was referred to Dr. Francisco, who preformed the surgery. I had the surgery done as an outpatient. Within hours of the surgery I was up walking. The excruciating pain in my foot was gone! I returned to work the following week on light duty. The recovery was just customary surgical recovery.

"Dr. Francisco is beyond doubt blessed with skill and compassion. He truly listens to his patients. The compassion is not limited to Dr. Francisco; his entire staff including the receptionist is excellent. I am an active person, who enjoys walking several miles a day, this was impossible before the surgery. Dr. Francisco gave me my life back and I am able to resume my normal activities. I would recommend Dr. Francisco without any hesitation. Thank you again Dr. Francisco and staff."

Gloria Stambaugh

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"I am the mother of a 13 year old boy who has been a patient of Dr. Blasko’s since 2001. Steven was born with severe flat feet and over time the condition worsened. His ankles at the very end prior to surgery were what appeared to me turning inward. He would cry at night holding his legs and feet and developed severe cramping in the legs. The only thing that would alleviate the symptoms for the night was moist heat. I remember many nights rubbing his feet and calves to get him to stop crying so he could go back to sleep. He was miserable and at the same time I felt helpless. I had taken him to other physicians but no one could state why he had the symptoms he was having. I took him to another podiatrist and he wouldn’t operate on him because of his age (8). Then one day I turned to the phone book and called the Ankle and Foot Care Center in Poland and we were set up with an appointment with Dr. Blasko. I had never met him before or known anything about his practice but I had decided that Steven couldn’t go on indefinitely like he was. I had to try and see if there was someone out there that could help him.

"Steven has had two operations with Dr. Blasko to correct his flat feet. He had one operation one summer (2002) on one foot and had the other foot done during the following summer (2003). He was on crutches for 6-8 weeks and then a walking cast for a period of time after that. Steven received implants in his ankles and feet to support his arches. He will need to wear orthotics inside his shoes to help maintain the support he has received with the surgeries. He follows up with Dr. Blasko yearly and feels great every day.

"Steven wasn’t able to participate in any sports because of his feet and leg discomfort.Today, he can rollerblade and do just about anything other kids his age are doing. I am and will be forever grateful to Dr. Blasko for all that he has done for Steven. I have never met a physician who was more dedicated and caring like Dr. Blasko is. When you are with the doctor you can see and feel the true compassion he has for his work. Dr. Blasko has been blessed with this wonderful skill. The decision I made to call his office was the best decision I could have made."

Deanna Mozingo, Boardman, OH

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"One evening while I was taking the trash out in my stocking feet I inadvertently stepped on a nail. That particular evening I was scheduled to be out to play music in my band so I went about as usual and didn't give the injury to my foot much thought until I returned home. My foot was swollen and it seemed infected. I thought the swelling would go away on its own but after several hours the swelling continued so I went to the emergency room. Because of my diabetes, the doctors there were concerned about the progression of the foot infection and the elevation of my blood sugar and subsequently admitted me to the hospital.

"During my initial stay at the hospital the doctors on my case discussed the possibility of amputating my leg above the knee. I asked for a second opinion and Dr. DiDomenico was consulted. After his evaluation Dr. DiDomenico explained that he thought my foot could be saved. Dr. DiDomenico performed a series of operations, first to rid the infection and then to help my foot ulcer to heal.

"I truly believe that Dr. DiDomenico's expertise saved my foot. Although he is intense, he made me feel comfortable. He is the kind of guy who has confidence in himself and this made me feel optimistic about the outcome. My foot has healed so well it's like nothing ever happened. I am grateful that Dr. DiDomenico thought there was a chance to save my foot."

John Davis, Campbell, OH

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"I broke a bone in my foot and had the unfortunate complication of it not healing properly. I have diabetes and was diagnosed with charcot arthropathy. I sought treatment from Dr. Joseph Francisco Jr. and Dr. Lawrence DiDomenico. The doctors performed surgery on my foot to replace the bones that didn't grow together and to aid my healing the doctors used a bone stimulator to promote bone growth. Dr. DiDomenico used a metal frame (external fixation) to keep things in place. I was able to walk relatively soon after surgery.

"Prior to surgery I had significant pain and swelling in my foot. I had lost my right leg previously due to complications from an infection and blood clots. The doctors informed me due to my diabetes I had a higher risk of complications and I was concerned about losing my left foot. Both doctors showed great concern for my well-being and their knowledge and skill helped me keep my foot. Now about a year later I am back to work and able to resume normal activities without pain. I am very thankful for the treatment that Dr. Francisco and Dr. DiDomenico gave me."

Mr. Kurt Neifer - December 2004


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